Prayer & Study Groups

A list of regular Prayer Meetings and House Groups around the Circuit. 
These are open to anyone from any Church - a warm welcome is extended to all who 
would like to attend on a regular basis or a one-off occasion. 
House Group Mondays, 7.30pm at Briruth or 3 Beech Tree Meadow 
Contact: Brian Maddaford 
Prayer Meeting Wednesdays, 9am at Briruth 
Contact: Brian Maddaford 
Prayer Meeting Alternate Tuesdays, 7.30pm at Fairplace 
Contact: Brenda Hockridge 
Prayer Meeting 1st & 2nd Saturday each month, 10.30am at Fairplace Prayer Corner 
Contact: Brenda Hockridge 
House Group Alternate Tuesdays, 2pm at Linkscroft, 11 Tors Road
Contact: Malcolm & Bobby Fortnum 
House Group Alternate Tuesdays, 7.30pm at 60 Station Road 
Contact: Peter & Shirley Webb 
Mid-week Worship 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month, 10.30am at Fairplace 
Contact: Deirdre Madders 
Prayer Meeting Tuesdays, 9am in the Vestry 

House Group 3rd Tuesday each month, 7.30pm at East Worth Farm, Northlew 
Contact: Ruth James 
House Group 3rd Thursday each month, 7.30pm at various homes 
Contact: Alan Marshall

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