Lay Assistant

Vicki Brown

Much of my youth was spent near Holsworthy and so I’m not a total stranger to this corner of Devon. I went to a youth group in Halwill which was also attended by folk from Madworthy chapel where I am now a member. (Small world, isn’t it?) However, I moved away at nineteen and after times in North Wales and Derbyshire I settled in Norfolk for twenty-seven years. During that time, I was accredited as a Local Preacher. My return to Devon was prompted by a family bereavement, my late step-mother Rosemary Brown was a Local Preacher in the West Devon Circuit for many years. It is now my privilege to share the love of Christ with congregations that she knew so well, from those same pulpits. Coming back to Devon to live after so long has been a combination of learning what has changed along with the comfortable and familiar things (and people!) of childhood memory. When I moved to Devon a year ago I began to work in adult mental health, which I continue to do on a part-time basis. My previous career working with the elderly in Norfolk has also equipped me with some relevant experience to bring to the role I now have in the Circuit. What is that role? Mainly pastoral, the rest will unfold as we go along. There are so many exciting things going on in the Circuit, it’s going to be wonderful to have the opportunity to contribute. Growing together in the service of Christ and the nurturing of His flock.

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