Lay Assistant


Angela Banfield

Firstly, I must say how much I am looking forward to being amongst you all. I have to admit at being bad at remembering names so please introduce and re-introduce yourselves as necessary but I promise to do my best. 

As this is a new appointment, quite what I do will be worked out over the next few months. I understand I will be mostly working within your "western Chapels" so I really pray we will become good friends as you guide me in what needs doing and who needs a visit. 

I joined the Methodist Church when I was 22 I was drawn in one winter evening by the friendly smile of the door steward at Ashburton, I walked nervously in and found not only a warm welcome, but my spiritual home. Thank you, Mr Owen Tucker, and to all you door stewards who stand waiting in draughty doorways until the first hymn starts. Please Keep It Up.

Over the years I've done lots of different jobs within our Church. My main calling has been as a Local Preacher but I can wash up and definitely eat cake.

  I do pray that together we can be a powerful witness to God’s love made plain in Jesus.

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