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My name is Sarah from Beaworthy and I attend Madworthy Church.  I have recently been studying for a BEd in Primary (Mathematics) at Plymouth University, whilst living at home.

Although my studies have focussed on education in the primary sector, I have been commuting home daily to support a variety of voluntary Church based projects.  Many of these formed whilst I was still at college and acting as a young leader but have continued to develop.  For example, within Stowford Camp I have recently become the vice chair, whilst becoming one of the 3-4’s coordinators at Bush Conference.

This has led to me developing a variety of interests such as dance, photography, film, technology, web design, camping, music, music technology and lighting.  I always love to be doing something!  Therefore, as someone who can never sit still, I am always looking for ways to do things differently so that they are engaging, active and often messy.  Some of my most favourite activities have been sifting through slop for pennies whilst discussing sin and playing chubby bunnies with the Lord’s prayer to look at having a fun and real relationship with God.

Therefore, whilst I am in a position I never thought I would be, I feel excited and enthusiastic to take what I have learnt from Kevin, those around me and this Circuit into what is a fantastic opportunity for us all to see past ‘the norms’ and explore what the future for our Circuit, denomination and faith might look like.

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