West Devon Methodist Circuit

Membership and Confirmation

Confirmation is a service where someone previously baptised affirms their baptismal promises and receives the laying on of hands that they might receive the Holy Spirit to help them live the Christian life. Where someone was baptised as a baby this is their chance to claim for themselves what others claimed and promised on their behalf when they were too young to do this for themselves. For those baptised as adults Confirmation is part of the baptism service. Baptism and Confirmation welcome new Christians into the life of the Church throughout the whole of the World.

Membership involves belonging to a specific local Church where the member usually worships and which they support. It is an act of Christian commitment and discipleship offered to those of an age who are able to decide for themselves. Membership is a requirement for those who are members of their local Church Council, or the Circuit Meeting, who are acting as Managing Trustees according to Charity Law.

If you have already been confirmed or made a member of another church or in another Christian denomination then your membership may be transferred to a local Methodist Church by arrangement with the Minister, usually following a letter, email or phone call from your previous minister or church.

To arrange a confirmation or ask about membership please contact the Superintendent Minister.

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