Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an important part of our Circuit life which we are seeking to develop. Whilst the traditional model of a visit from the minister will always play it's part we are a large and scattered Circuit. Ministers will always try to visit, especially those who are sick, in hospital, bereaved, or in spiritual need.

Through our Lay Pastoral Coordinator, Fran Bliss, we are seeking to develop pastoral care in each church through local lay involvement. Pastoral care is something every member can share in, but there are people with particular gifts who we are seeking to identify and involve through encouragement and training. We hope to appoint key pastoral volunteers in each church, working in ways which are appropriate to that place. It is hoped this will enable our ordained ministers to focus where they are most needed and upon their specific gifts.

Fran has offered particular training on listening skills and on the care of the bereaved, and has spent time with some of our young people on this latter subject.