Youth Worker

Introducing Paul

Hello there.  What a wonderful welcome I’ve received from the West Devon Methodist Circuit….  While my wife is a true Devonian I have only lived here for the last seven years.That said Devon is the place where I have lived the longest in my adult life and I very much consider it home.  I left Bath (where I grew up) to join Youth With a Mission at eighteen and had my nineteenth birthday while preaching in a range of churches and missions across the south coast of Bangladesh.  Living somewhat of a pilgrim lifestyle has taken me to work and ministry in America, Europe, and India.  I read Business Management at Birmingham University and later Theology and Youth Ministry at King’s College London.  I was diagnosed as dyslexic when I was at school and academia was both a joy and a struggle. When I finally got support for the condition at university it was like someone had switched a light on inside me.  Over the last seven years I have been working across Devon helping the Church of England grow its youth ministry.  The frustration that often arose was the lack of opportunity to get stuck in!  I am excited to see what the next chapter holds as I learn more about the Methodist Church, Infusion, and all that is going on in West Devon.








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