Spreyton Village Hall

The Village Hall, Spreyton, Devon, EX17 5DX

Services - 1st Sunday in the month 11am, other Sundays 6.30pm

Spreyton are a small, faithful congregation with a traditional evangelical faith. The Methodist Chapel was built in 1880, but by the end of the 1980s was feeling its age and was no longer felt to be fit for Christian worship. With the revamp of the Village Hall, this provided an opportunity for the Methodist Community to participate in the discussions and designs for a new community room to be established.

In June 2002 a modern new room full of light and splendour was opened and used for worship for the first time. This room not only provides a permanent home for the Methodist congregation, who meet for worship every Sunday, but is also used by other groups which helps put the church at the heart of the community - where it belongs.